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Quantum Jump Workshop

Quantum Jump Workshop

Quantum jumping is something I have been successfully doing for years and every single time my new reality appears and it is glorious! Manifesting and striving for a better you can be difficult in times of struggle.


This quantum jump workshop is a recorded version of a live call. In this workshop, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully quantum jump to your new reality. The meditation is also included and is available to download with the workshop as soon as you buy. I recommend you watch the workshop first before doing the quantum jump meditation.


What is quantum jumping?

There are infinite realities and within those realities, there are different versions of you. You can step into your desired reality intentionally by using this method called quantum jumping. In other words, it's the act of moving your consciousness to a whole other reality that you've envisioned. Quantum jumping can also be explained by the Mandela effect. Things that the collective remembers to be true, are not true in this timeline. We will be intentionally jumping into a new timeline and reality that you desire.


What reality can I jump into?

I recommend that you choose a desired reality that is not too far away from your current reality. Also, bear in mind that your current belief system and thoughts that contradict the reality in which you are trying to jump into will prevent you from jumping.


Let me give you an example…

Your current reality - You are homeless, have no money, no job etc

Your desired reality - You live in a mansion, have £1m and your dream job.


Whilst I am not saying that this is impossible, it is unlikely to be achieved in one jump because your current belief systems contradict so heavily. This kind of jump in one go will also be taxing on you energetically because it’s such a big change.

I recommend that you choose a desired reality that seems possible to you. For example…

Your current reality - You have a job that makes you feel unfulfilled. Your kids always argue with each other & every day feels like a struggle that you get through.

Your desired reality - You get that promotion or that dream job. Your kids hardly ever argue & every day is joyful and a breeze to experience.



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