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Personalised Predictive Meditation

Personalised Predictive Meditation

Predictive meditation is a manifesting technique to help you cement the ideas of what you want into your subconscious as if you already have it. This elevates your vibration to match the vibration of what you want to manifest.


Predictive meditation works by anchoring points in time (in the future) and focusing on the feeling in the moment.


In my experience, the feeling is the important power that will magnetise anything you desire to you. The feeling is what emits a frequency to the universe. This is what we will be focusing on during your meditation to enhance your own manifesting power. ​


You will be ‘predicting’ the future and focusing on the feelings you have for your desire as if they are happening. Your mind does not know if the experience is real or if you are just visualising it. The predictive meditation will guide you so that you will be able to create your own energy orbs and to charge them with your desire. At the end of your meditation, you will throw these energy orbs up into the universe, and then it is done. Your desire has been delivered to the Universe and your manifestation will show up in your reality in divine timing. The power to manifest anything you desire is already within you, sometimes we all need tools to enhance that power.


I recommend repeating the meditation to cement the ideas in your subconscious as much as you wish.


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