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The appreciation of what you had is no good in hindsight

When I was 11 years old, I coined the phrase 'The appreciation of what you had is no good in hindsight.' It flowed out of me during a conversation with my Mum, who was sharing her pain. Looking back, it seems to be one of my first downloads from The Universe, and the phrase has stuck with me ever since.

For a bit of context, my Mum had Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that attacks the nerves and brain. It slowly but surely shuts down the body, and I have deep compassion for anyone living with it, having observed its impact on my Mum over the years. Understandably, most days she would be depressed and sad about what the disease was doing to her body. Once she lost the ability to use a part of her body, it was gone.

As her daughter, I tried my best to show her that despite the grave situation, there were always ways to find joy and express gratitude for what is. My Nan had always taught and shown me that there is always something to be happy about and grateful for. I must have got it from her - thanks Nan! 🥰

One evening, while my Mum was listing all the things she could no longer do, I reminded her that although that was true, there was still so much she could do, and that's what we should celebrate and focus on. She wasn't receiving my message, and I felt defeated. That's when the phrase 'Mum, the appreciation of what you had is no good in hindsight' just flowed out of me.

This stopped her in her tracks, and she smiled. I realised my message had gotten through. I told her that although there was so much to be sad about, and I would never begrudge her sadness or anger at the situation, it wasn't changing anything. What we could do was focus on what she could do now and all the good things in the present. Gratitude 🙏

I've carried this message with me in my life ever since. I’ve always been curious about how to use or distribute this universal download over the years. I’ve frantically googled it in the past and cannot find this quote anywhere (I’m time-stamping and claiming it here in this blog 😂). I suppose The Universe knew my divine purpose, and this quote has been helpful in the job I find myself in now.

I’ve used this information to remind myself over the years to stay centered and grateful in my present reality. As someone who is always striving for more, with goal lists as long as my arm, I sometimes find myself trapped in a space of always wanting more. It's in those moments that I remind myself of my phrase and recenter my energy on gratitude. With intentional manifestation, gratitude is part of the key to getting what you want. It’s okay to want more, but we must root ourselves in gratitude for our current realities.

Right now, the only thing that exists is the present moment. Tomorrow isn't promised, and yesterday is gone. Let go of what was, look to the future, but most importantly, be grounded in this very present moment and all the good things that exist here.

To my Mum, I hope you found your peace and gratitude in the end. 

To 11 year old me, you have no idea how this information is going to change your life. Keep going wise little Emily. 

Gratitude: the healer of all.

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