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This is a free event that I am hosting to help anyone who wants to harness their manifesting power.

I have a meditation technique called Predictive Meditation. This meditation helps reprogram your subconscious and wire it with your intentions and desires as if they have already happened.

I ran this free challenge in March, and everyone who participated had amazing results!

I use this technique with my one to one clients and also as its own offering. I used it for myself in 2019 and the intentions I set are now my reality. I know this supercharges any intentional reality and I wanted to find a way to make this more accessible for all!

I have decided to create a predictive meditation suitable for all. Normally I record each predictive meditation which is personalised to the recipients desires. This meditation will guide you through the predictive meditation whilst leaving the desire part for you to intentionally focus on when prompted.

If you want your own personalised predictive meditation to use for the challenge, you can purchase for only £55.55 below by upgrading.

If you have a predictive meditation already, you can join and use your own.

Remember, if you don’t. Don’t worry! The predictive meditation I provide for free will work for you.

We are going to meditate every single day in July for 15 minutes and let your vibe rise to match your desire.

465 minutes.

465 minutes of intentional meditation to help you step into your dream reality.

Are you joining me?

Have I mentioned, this is all free?!

What have you got to loose?

Let’s make July THE month.


Sign up to the March Meditation Challenge Here

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Upgrade to a personalised Predictive Meditation Here

Check your inbox (or spam/junk) for the Facebook group link