Intentional Reality Coach Training

Have you felt the shift in the last couple of years?


The world is changing. People are changing. I have witnessed the tide turning and people shifting their focus to spirituality and living their dreams. 

The coaching space has opened up and it is time for me to take my message of living your own intentional reality to new heights. I cannot get my transformational teachings to everyone single handed. It is time to train aspiring coaches to become intentional reality coaches using my tried and tested methods.

Are you ready for a change in career?

Do you want to feel rewarded when you finish work at the end of the day?

Do you want to help people realise their dreams and actually take the action to go achieve them?

If your answers were YES! YES! YES!!! I have the right training for you.

What does it mean to be an Intentional Reality Coach?

The closest comparison would be a life and mindset coach. However, Intentional Reality coaching has a spiritual twist. It focuses on spirituality and manifestation. This method of coaching encourages the recipient of coaching to explore what their truest desires are. From there, you help your client to create a tangible plan, take the action and use the laws of the universe in their favour in order to manifest their desires.

Why you should train with me

I have been coaching for the last 2 and half years. I started by coaching one to one in the business coaching space teaching my clients how to create beauty products and start online businesses. I always seemed to attract spiritual clients, so I started to develop spiritual and manifesting tools to teach to my clients. 

These tools have been born out of my own life experiences and when I started to use them with my one to one clients I realised that the results are transformational. This was not just a fluke in my own life, others were applying the same principles to their desires and the universe was responding. 

I have created a manifestation technique called Predictive Meditation which reprograms your subconscious by delivering intentional messages throughout the meditation. Clients always receive AMAZING results and I have decided to include this as a module within the training.

This type of meditation is not done anywhere by anyone else so far other than me. The students on this first course will be the only coaches able to offer this as a service to their clients across the world. 

In comparison from being a life or mindset coach, being an Intentional Reality coach is different in the sense of its spiritual influences. You are likely to attract spiritual leaning clients and will be equipped to help your clients reach their full potential. Combining spiritual teachings, manifesting tools and inspired action to your coaching practice is a sure way to get results with your clients on a massive scale.

This type of work is also possible to work online working with clients from across the world. If online income is on your to do list for 2022, this may be your way to make that your reality. 

Course Syllabus 

Training will start on the 25th April 2022 at 8pm UK time. 

8 weeks of live training on zoom on Mondays 8pm UK time.

Live Zoom Dates

16th May 8pm

23rd May 8pm

30th May 8pm

6th June 8pm

13th June 8pm

20th June 8pm

27th June 8pm

4th July 8pm

If you cannot make any of the live calls, please don't worry. Each call will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to each call so you can always revisit lessons if needed. 

Module One: Introduction to Intentional Reality coaching

Module Two: Spirituality and philosophies 

Module Three: The laws of the universe

Module Four: Manifesting tools

Module Five: Predictive Meditation

Module Six: Conducting a coaching session

Module Seven: Marketing your business

Module Eight: Case Studies 

You will be required to complete an assessment for each module of your course. This in most cases is a written assessment. The Predictive Meditation assessment is an audio recorded of you creating a Predictive Meditation. Module 8 is conducted as a recorded zoom call. Once you have passed each module you will be awarded with a certificate certifying you to use my method of Intentional Reality coaching with your own clients!

If you do not pass a module, you will be able to retake assessments until you pass at the required grade. Help and support is available from me via email.


All students will have a private Facebook page and WhatsApp group to discuss the course content and offer support to each other.  

I am excited to start teaching this course. If you have decided this is the right course for you, I'll see you inside!