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Your vibe attracts your tribe

Finding your tribe when on your spiritual journey can be difficult. I found it very lonely and isolating when I embarked on my path to spiritual enlightenment. I didn't fit in with the traditional religious crowd and dreamed to have conversations with others about the universe and spirituality in general! Over the past decade, I have found those who connect with me on this level and wanted to create a community of spiritual beings to come together and hold a sacred space for the benefit of all within the group. 

The tribe is a safe space to share your wins, grow spiritually within the community and create your intentional reality.

The tribe you've been looking for

Each month within the tribe,I host...

- New and full moon meditations specific to that moon according to astrology

- 1st of the month zoom call on a different topic each month to enhance your spiritual journey.

- Bonus powerful meditation which you won't find anywhere else

- Weekly Wins Wednesday where we all share our wins from the week

- Intentional Reality challenges

- Tribe whatsapp chat 

- Tribe Facebook group

Intentional Reality Coach in your pocket

This is the best way to work with me if you are looking to uplevel your spiritual being to new dimensions. Inside the tribe I will teach you everything about how to live your own Intentional Reality with ease. Manifesting does not need to hard or lonely. Inside the tribe I will teach you all my techniques to manifest the life of your dreams whilst you are supported by the kind community of the tribe.

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    Every month
    The Intentional Reality Tribe
    • 1st of the month group Zoom call
    • Full & New moon meditations each month specific to that moon
    • Bonus Meditation
    • Weekly wins Wednesday
    • Whatsapp tribe chat
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