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Create Your Intentional Reality


Castlerigg Stone Circle

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, many of us find ourselves adrift, lacking a sense of purpose, and unable to tap into the vast potential within.


The constant stress and noise can make it difficult to connect with our inner selves, let alone manifest our dreams.

This struggle can leave us feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from the world around us. 

Life is too short to stay on the sidelines, doubting your potential, and living without intention.


It's time to break free from the cycle of uncertainty and take control of your reality.

Welcome to
The Intentional Reality System!

A transformative system that will guide you toward self-discovery, spiritual growth, and mastery in manifesting your deepest desires.

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Meet Emily...

Hello Magic Manifestor!


My name is Emily Baddeley-White and I am here to guide you on your journey towards living your best life and highest timeline. Welcome to my world of Intentional Reality, where I can help you create a reality that aligns with your desires and goals.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have the power to create our own reality through the use of Universal Laws. This is based on the idea that our vibration, or the energy we emit, determines what we attract and manifest in our lives. By prioritizing our inner beings and elevating our frequency to match our desires, we can step into an intentional reality where we are living our dreams and observing our creations manifesting with ease and joy.

To simplify this process, I have developed The Intentional Reality System, a 4-step approach to consistently elevate your frequency and manifest your desires. This system combines powerful meditations, reprogramming of the subconscious mind, and energy work to help you shift into a higher vibration and create the life you want.

I offer one-on-one coaching, as well as support through my spiritual group, The Intentional Reality Tribe, and various workshops throughout the year. If you're ready to take control of your reality and manifest your desires with ease and joy, I'm here to help you every step of the way.


Tribe Membership include...

The Intentional Reality Tribe Plus

The Intentional Reality Tribe Basic

Free Bundle or Tarot Reading once a month

Full and New Moon Meditation Library

Tribe Whatsapp Group

Facebook Group

1st of the Month Tribe Calls

Tribe Whatsapp Group

Facebook Group

Predictive Meditation

"To manifest anything, you need to align your frequency with your desire. This is exactly what predictive meditation does." 
- Emily Baddeley-White


Meditation, Subliminal and Bundles

 These powerful meditation, subliminal or bundles will help you relax, focus, and channel your intentions towards positive change.

The Zen Library

Explore 'The Zen Library' on YouTube, your go-to place for free meditation, calming subliminals, and uplifting frequencies and updates on The Intentional Reality System. Start your journey to a more intentional and peaceful life—subscribe today!

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The Intentional Reality Podcast

Join me on 'The Intentional Reality Podcast,' where I dive deep into the world of the Law of Attraction, and the art of manifesting your deepest desires through The Intentional Reality System. 

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Don't just take my word for it...

Emily has been a fantastic mentor for me, I was in the beginning processes of starting my own skincare brand and I wanted someone with knowledge in the beauty and cosmetic realm to help to mentor me and keep me accountable and on track. Emily is equipped with not only the wisdom of the industry itself, having been in it, but she also offers life advice and positive advice to keep moving forward. She's on your team and wants to see you win. Often times I found that the calls helped me brainstorm even more and we came to a few true 'lightbulb' moments that will hopefully catapult my brand. I would highly recommend her or any sort of business or life coaching that you may need. I will be grateful for her mentorship and friendship for years to come.

Ready to Manifest Your Dreams with 
The Intentional Reality System










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If you’re looking to make a big impact, or a dramatic change in your life, look no further. Fill out the form below to get started today.

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