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In March 2016, I left an abusive relationship that I had been in since I was 17. I can still remember the fear and hopelessness that I felt at that time like it was yesterday.


I had a 2-year-old little girl and as I left our house for the last time with nothing but ourselves. I felt scared and had checked out of life. 


Life seemed stressful then, I had no idea what I was going to do. My income was zero, I had no self-confidence and I felt way too young to deal with these struggles that were presented to me in my reality. Everything was uncertain. 

It took a lot of time and courage, but with some grit and determination, I decided to rebuild my life from scratch for the sake of my daughter. Looking back, if it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I would have continued. She is the only reason why I woke up each day to fight and be the woman I wanted to become.


I decided to pull myself together and figure it out. I made the decision to make my dream life a reality. I decided from that moment on that I will take all that I have experienced, both good and bad, to be my stepping stones to be able to achieve the life that I wanted for me and my child.


Fast forward to the present day, I have successfully created an intentional reality that I live in every single moment.


I have a beautiful family. A husband, who I would never have thought I deserved. My children are happy and healthy. I work on my terms and have truly followed my dreams unapologetically.


Happiness is a focal point of my day-to-day life. That is the real success.





What did I do? I FOLLOWED MY DREAMS. I chased for my dreams without fear and hesitations. I have no care for anyone else's thoughts about what I do or how I do it. 


Yes, happiness comes to those who follow their path and quit worrying about what others will think. When I truly lived by that concept, happiness found me.

Let me tell you though, it all took work. Not the sort of work you might imagine. Internal, spiritual work. I had to look inside of myself to find the answers within.



Along my journey, I had to learn a new way of being. A whole new way of thinking. Because the truth is, my thoughts were creating my reality. It created the negative reality I used to live in. The reality where I had no self-confidence and never believed that I deserved anything good.


 Once I changed those thoughts, piece by piece, my reality started shifting too.

I now coach women on how to discover their power within and how to use that power to create an INTENTIONAL reality that they have designed for themselves.

If you are reading this, then I can only assume that you are looking for answers too.


I am here to remind you that you can live the reality of your dreams. The reality you are experiencing right now is a direct result of your thoughts up until now.

You can live an intentional reality. Yes, intentional. Not just going along with it all. 

What does your intentional reality look like?



Ready to start designing your life?


Hear what my clients say...

Vase With Irises

 1:1 Coaching

Emily has been a fantastic mentor for me, I was in the beginning processes of starting my own skincare brand and I wanted someone with knowledge in the beauty and cosmetic realm to help to mentor me and keep me accountable and on track. Emily is equipped with not only the wisdom of the industry itself, having been in it, but she also offers life advice and positive advice to keep moving forward. She's on your team and wants to see you win. Often times I found that the calls helped me brainstorm even more and we came to a few true 'lightbulb' moments that will hopefully catapult my brand. I would highly recommend her or any sort of business or life coaching that you may need. I will be grateful for her mentorship and friendship for years to come.



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